A Sneak Peek of the QCIM Route

Thankful that Supertyphoon “Pepeng” (international name: Parma) cut across northern Luzon with little damage, I joined the QCIM long slow distance or LSD last Sunday, Oct. 4. I arrived at the University of the Philippines (UP) Oblation, the assembly area, at ten minutes before 4:30AM. More than 60 runners joined in this simulation run. (IContinue reading “A Sneak Peek of the QCIM Route”

We Do Care: On Running and Volunteering

While other runners were in any of these races—Ironman 70.3 in Camarines Sur, the Botak Paatibayan Miler Race at UP in Quezon City, and the Levi’s Fun Run at the Fort. Me, on the other hand, was with Lost Command runners for the usual Sunday long run that started at 4:30AM for them and 15Continue reading “We Do Care: On Running and Volunteering”

Lost Command and their Panata Run

I’ve learned that some people in Manila, both young and old, walked for several hours towards the church of Antipolo as a religious tradition during Holy Week. I didn’t know how this tradition really started but a simple invite from the Lost Command running group made me say yes for their yearly Panata (religious vow)Continue reading “Lost Command and their Panata Run”

Trail Run, September 2

Went out of the house at past 5 AM. It was a bit cloudy. Waited for Ben to pick me up near RCBC along Ayala Avenue. Ben asked me to wait for another extra minutes. To kill time, I went to a nearby Starbucks and bought myself a glass of milk and a slice ofContinue reading “Trail Run, September 2”