Lost Command and their Panata Run

I’ve learned that some people in Manila, both young and old, walked for several hours towards the church of Antipolo as a religious tradition during Holy Week. I didn’t know how this tradition really started but a simple invite from the Lost Command running group made me say yes for their yearly Panata (religious vow) Run to Antipolo on a Holy Thursday. They’ve been doing it since 2001. Lost Command is a running group composed of hardcore and veteran runners.

Since I didn’t have any activity early in the morning except going to Batangas, I opted to run with them. They fetched me from my place and together we headed towards the meeting place in Ortigas. The group started to run at 5:05AM and reached Antipolo Church after running for over two and a half hours. Super thanks to Mel for the ride, to Jimmy for pacing with me, to Jun L for the photos and free bananas, and to everyone who made this run a nice one indeed.

L to R: Abe, Roger, Rely, Tisha, Mar Q, Mar “45”, Mel, Running Diva, and Jimmy

L to R: Boy S, Abe, Rely, Mar Q, Jun L, Mar “45”, Roger, Tisha, Mel (partly hidden), Jimmy, Ben, and Ver

(Photos Courtesy of Jun L)

One thought on “Lost Command and their Panata Run

  1. hi running diva .c dave me from mizuno tx mo pls e mail mo di ko ma send picture natin thanks…..09178030084….ok mga pics mo ha 1st time kita napuntahan dito. hinahanap kita di kita makita thanks to jazzrunner nakita ko blog mo .hehe


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