Trail Run, September 2

Went out of the house at past 5 AM. It was a bit cloudy. Waited for Ben to pick me up near RCBC along Ayala Avenue. Ben asked me to wait for another extra minutes. To kill time, I went to a nearby Starbucks and bought myself a glass of milk and a slice of banana cake. Judah, always the earliest bird, was already waiting for us at Quezon City. We were running late. It was a relief, finally, when I got a text message from Ben that he was on his way to pick me up. With him were Chai and Brent. Then, together, we went back to Pasong Tamo to fetch Renz.
La Mesa eco-trail…simply breathtakingly beautiful–with those greenery and canopy of trees. A nice site to behold, indeed!
The 9-km trail run ended with a super duper lunch at Mang Jimmy\’s near UP. One of the happiest runs I\’ve ever had!

A souvenir shot before running.

back: Renz, Judah
front: Brent, Roselle, Chai, Julie (trail guide)
photographer: Ben

La Mesa dam, where Metro Manila gets its water supply.

Left photo: Canopy of trees and an awe-inspiring view. That blue speck is no other than me. Beside me is Renz.

Right photo: Taking some rest every now and then after running a good distance.

(Photos courtesy of Ben)

4 thoughts on “Trail Run, September 2

  1. Hi running diva! We\’re planning to a trail run in La Mesa tomorrow. But now am wondering what time of the day you did yours? We were planning to do it early at 6AM but when I called up the park guys, they said they open at 8AM pa… How did you do yours? From your account it seemed like you did it early morning? Pls advise


  2. Hi Penelope24. Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. This part is not La Mesa Dam but I was told it\’s La Mesa Ecopark. Wow! This visit was a year ago. It was Ben (photographer on the run, do try to visit his blog through a link here) who arranged everything for us including the guide. I didn\’t know if their policy has been changed though. If I remember it right, 8AM I think is OK. It was a bit cloudy that day and it rained early in the morning too. The staff at La Mesa Ecotrail was most helpful so kindly dial their number again and ask. I hope this helps? Good luck and take care of those feet of yours during the trail run.


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