PAA-LIGSAHAN Takbong Pambansa 2009

On April 3, I had the opportunity to meet the people behind Botak Philippines. They hosted a lunch meeting with some of running bloggers to they can impart their Paa-Ligsahan Takbong Pambansa Running Program. Fellow runners take your pick! Here we go …

Be part of the ultimate run, join a trailblazing event!

PAA-LIGSAHAN Takbong Pambansa is a series of unique foot race events designed to promote and sustain running as one of the major sports in the country. The program is a comprehensive mix of short and long distance events beginning with a mile run to 5 and 10k road races, progressing to full-length marathon events and ultra-marathon distances of 50-K, 100-K, and the Trans-Pilipinas Run Challenge. PAA-LIGSAHAN is the ultimate running program for budding runners as well as for the serious group of athletes training for local and international competition.

PAA-LAKASAN Runner’s Total Workout is a monthly training and racing drills for runners preparing for peak performance level. Runners are instructed to run as a group (packed runs) for a preset distance and pace. At the later stage of the run, in the last kilometers, participants are signaled to run at their own race pace to complete a 5k workout.

PAA-BILISAN Botak 10k is a quarterly road race event open to all runners. It will also have a 3k and 5k fun runs as side features. This road race is designed to be highly competitive event with prizes and awards.

PAA-TIBAYAN Takbo 42k is an annual event open to all runners and top teams from Paa-Bilisan Road Race series. It will be one of the premier marathons in the country designed to be highly competitive with prizes and awards.

PAA-TIBAYAN Takbo 100k is an annual event for ultra marathon runners seeking to test their human limits and endurance. The project aims to introduce as an integral part to promote running as one of the major sport events.

PAA-TAGALAN Trans-Pilipinas Run Challenge is the first invitational multi-day distance running event, a run spectacular to span across the Philippines\’ major islands-Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It will be the first and ultimate in the sports of running in the Philippines. It will serve as a solid groundwork for new breed of runners training for international competitions.

Botak Races Captured

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