Vitamin E: Why Do We Need It?

Vitamin E is a popular antioxidant. But what does it exactly do? Why do we need it? There are numerous Vitamin E brands out there promising different things. But what we need to understand is how it works in the body and how we benefit from it.  Before we get into how Vitamin E works,Continue reading “Vitamin E: Why Do We Need It?”


Two months ago, while trying to reach something overhead from my bed, I lose my balance and fell off the bed about two feet high.  Pain shot through my right arm when it took the brunt of the impact as I fell on the floor.  Next day, I could not lift it well. It felt like I justContinue reading “INTERCARE Rocks!”

Hitting the Wall and the Energy Bar

Few more days or weeks to go and it’s marathon time for almost runners in the Philippines. I’ve been asked before whether snack bars help runners. Hhhm… I did use snack bars during long distance races and LSDs but I admit I really am no expert when it comes to the nitty-gritty of its components.Continue reading “Hitting the Wall and the Energy Bar”

What Do Runners Do When Not Running?

The world of beauty is a mad, funny, seductive world. Misguided in some ways, misleading in others, it’s also a source of great pleasure to great many women. It just happened so spontaneously while most of the ladies were “SBing” over site. Rachel (a.k.a. Eichbar), a fellow runner, asked how I was and IContinue reading “What Do Runners Do When Not Running?”

To Have More, To Give More

A message of hope for all the runners, readers, lurkers, hackers, bloggers, and all the ‘ers’ out there… Economic crisis, economic meltdown, credit crunch, currency fluctuations, whatever you call it … these, however, didn’t stop Filipinos to be optimistic while awaiting the impact of the global financial crisis by January 2009. Who does not wantContinue reading “To Have More, To Give More”