Vitamin E: Why Do We Need It?

Vitamin E is a popular antioxidant. But what does it exactly do? Why do we need it?

There are numerous Vitamin E brands out there promising different things. But what we need to understand is how it works in the body and how we benefit from it.  Before we get into how Vitamin E works, we must first understand the concept of free radicals. Free radicals damage molecules and the cells they belong to, causing not only aging and wrinkles, but also cancer, heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases. Free radicals are naturally produced by the body but they also come from pollution, sun exposure, cigarette smoke and stress.

Vitamin E protects and keeps our cells healthy by destroying cell-damaging free radicals. Healthy cells equals to a healthy body. Aside from keeping the skin healthy and preventing the appearance of fine lines, skin dryness and wrinkles, Vitamin E also helps prevent chronic diseases linked to free radicals such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  Because our bodies naturally produce free radicals and we are almost always exposed to the sun, pollution, cigarette smoke or stress, there are probably numerous amounts of free radicals in our bodies. We have to ensure we have enough Vitamin E to fight these free radicals.

Fortunately, there are Vitamin E supplements available in the market making it more convenient for those who don’t get enough Vitamin E from their diet. Natural vitamin E is more bioavailable vs. synthetic Vitamin E. This means it is absorbed easily and stays longer in the body. Natural Vitamin E may seem a little expensive, however, since it is better absorbed by the body, there is less waste. The liver recycles natural Vitamin E and excretes synthetic ones. Some studies show that you have to take twice as much synthetic Vitamin E to get the same levels in your body than you would get from natural Vitamin E.  Vitamin E supplements either start with dl (for synthetic Vitamin E) or d (for natural form of Vitamin E, e.g. d-Alpha Tocopherol).

The naturals story is not just a fad, but a trend. It’s a global trend because people are more aware that what they consume have long term effects to their body and the environment. That’s why consumers today are getting more and more conscious with the products they use.  And it is for this same reason why there are some products highlight that they are of natural source.  But does it actually count for something? Does it really matter? Its pros and cons differ from product to product. Myra is a brand of Vitamin E that is from soybean oil, which is a natural source of Vitamin E. 

With vitamin E, the natural story counts. Check the label and choose the natural one.

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