Urbanathlete Diva 2/e

Run, walk, climb, crawl, jump, slide—you’d experience it all  at the Men’s Health Urbanathlon obstacle race held last September 29. 
In 2010, I signed up for a 10K race (courtesy of Men’s Health).  Before reaching the finish line, runners had to climb up, slide and jump over an eight-foot wall, which was the last obstacle to tackle.   For someone (like me) who had not experienced such obstacle before, the wall was more than a challenge as it would require a considerable upper body strength, a good grip of the rope and a good balance as well.  It was my first obstacle race and I had a great time and enjoyed myself.  
This year, instead of doing the 21K race,  I decided to run the 5K distance only (courtesy of Men’s Health).  No pressure.  No worries about what time to finish.  Just wanted to have fun.  That’s all.  
Running the tires obstacle course (Photo courtesy of Que)
I missed to start with our wave as I was late.  But nothing to worry about since I wore a timing chip. Anyhow, what happened next was .. run … then crawl a net over a bus … too afraid … opted to skip … run … climb and jump over a two-level container van (with the help of the marshals) … run … do the tire obstacle… run … climb a rope? … no, no, opted to skip … run .. crawl through a maze (this is easy!) … run again … do the monkey bars? (oh, no) … can’t reach its height … opted to skip… run … run … run … then there’s the (dreaded) wall … opted to skip… finish. 
My finisher’s shirt should have the RUN, CRAWL, JUMP, [SKIP], PENALTY, CLIMB, [SKIP], PENALTY, SLIDE, FINISH written on it. Ha! Ha! Ha!  Overall, it was a great 5K run! I enjoyed it a lot!
Happy to see fellow runner bloggers Kamote Runner, Running Free Manila, Wilbert, yours truly, 
Que of Takbo.ph and Run Unlimited (Photo courtesy of B and Que)
As an instant sales person helping Que (right) sell Takbo.ph shirts
and singlets at the Media tent with Summit Media ladies 
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