Urbanathlete Diva 2/e

Run, walk, climb, crawl, jump, slide—you’d experience it all  at the Men’s Health Urbanathlon obstacle race held last September 29.    In 2010, I signed up for a 10K race (courtesy of Men’s Health).  Before reaching the finish line, runners had to climb up, slide and jump over an eight-foot wall, which was the lastContinue reading “Urbanathlete Diva 2/e”

Urbanathlete Diva

After a two-month hiatus from racing, I’m back into racing mode by joining this year’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon 10K race. I was really apprehensive whether I could finish this or not considering my fear with climbing up an eight-foot wall and going down on the other side. Plus, there was this high hurdle that IContinue reading “Urbanathlete Diva”