I Shall Return to Corregidor

I visited this island in 2005. Then I came back to bring friends from the US and Europe two years ago. I conquered it during the 1st Corregidor Aquathlon race last year. I wrote about it quite a number of times.

L~R: Vimz (Kulit Runner), Edward, James, Let (Running Mom), Erick, Running Diva, Cindy, Doc Marvs (partly hidden), Z (One Sport), Rene (Jazz Runner), and Junrox (Tiger Boy)

Last Saturday, September 11, I returned to the island with friends and did what we love most, RUNNING. Our run started from the island hotel at past 2PM in the afternoon.

We were so lucky to pass through Malinta Tunnel and the trail. From the cliff, one could see the endless beauty of the island and the sea. I had fun time running down the last three kilometers.

For those of you who haven’t been there yet, I do encourage you to try running in the island. It’s worth it.

Thanks to Sun Cruises and its staff for hosting our stay. Many thanks also to Edward, Vanessa, and Raymund for making this visit possible. (Photos courtesy of Raymund and Vimz aka Kulit Runner)

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