Behind Every Runner’s Success…

My way of saying “thank you” to those who made my PAU ultramarathon experience in Ilocos Norte possible.Every runner’s success are people who support fellow runners in whatever they can without asking for any reward. They are also our cheerers and source of strength. Their job is ensuring needs are met during the race. They share our victory as we reach the finish line.

Our support volunteers, our heroes, from L-R: Pepsi, Jai, Maan, JR, and Joy

There are those who do the legwork ensuring that we get the best yet cheap and comfortable accommodation and even design our itinerary so we could maximize our stay in Ilocos Norte. Carina aka Flying Boar, an ultramarathoner herself, prepares well-organized travel plans–from booking reservations to designing our itinerary.

There are those who, without being told, help in buying the supplies needed during the race. They act as our treasurers in the group. Thanks to Pojie (2nd from right) and Gab (next to Pojie).

There are those who make our visit worthwhile. The parish priest in Pasuquin makes us feel so welcome in their community. I also discover the strengths of runners and lucky enough to witness these.

There are those who are nice enough to send photos they took of me during the race. Super thanks to Doc Toto, Pepsi, Doc Topher, Dhenz, Craig and Michelle Logan, John Jeff Avellanosa, Dan Callanta, and Carina.

Thank you runners! Never a boring moment being with you guys.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Behind Every Runner’s Success…

  1. Wow RD, nasa blog mo ako! Haha. It's an honor. You know how we love to share with your challenges and support you guys anyway we could. In return, we thank you for allowing us to be part of your achievements. Parang nag-ultra na din kami. Hehehe


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