Runners Urge Vigilance During a Running Event

Last night, Kenny Roger’s SM Mega branch hosted the Bloggers Meet and Greet Activity. Jinoe, administrator, invited me to attend the meeting. It was well attended by fellow runners, bloggers, and friends. Thanks to Kenny’s staff for the loot bags they gave us.

Que of, Running Diva, Run Unlimited, and Bananarunning

(Photo Courtesy of Kulit Runner and Gingerbreadman)

One question raised during the meeting was the issue on theft and security of runners. Recently, after the Sta. Elena Trail run, a runner’s car got robbed in Sta. Elena, Cabuyao, Laguna. He lost his camera and its lenses. Then there was this organizing committee personnel who, after running at McKinley, the Fort, also got robbed of her valuables including her licenses and other IDs. The bag and her IDs were found in a Jollibee branch in Laguna sans the cash. After the Botak Paa-bilisan run in October 2008, fellow Happy Feet runners (a couple) lost their camera and cell phone which they left in their car parked near ROX.

These thieves are believed to be posing as runners. This is a call for everyone to be careful and be responsible for their valuables. “With great power comes great responsibility.” These words, spoken by Peter Parker’s uncle Ben during their last conversation in the movie Spider Man. I am not saying that I want you to be like Spidey. Power here can be translated into different things. It may mean your position, your possessions, etc. Let’s talk about the latter. If you bring ultra expensive stuff then that’s your power. Since you have that power, all the more that you need to be responsible for it. If you know what I mean? Please do not leave valuable items in your car. If running long distance, carry with you some cash, an ID or driver’s license, and any item considered valuable. Better yet, leave them where they are safe. If you have friends who are running for the first time and are keen of bringing with them expensive stuff tell them not to leave those in the car. Again, leave them where they are safe.

The organizer of the Kenny’s Urbanite Run has set the following security and safety measures to ensure a smooth and safe run—marshals at different points along the route, roving marshals to tail and keep runners in line, police and traffic enforcer group to direct traffic, roving police escorts, security at the parking area, runners wear illuminated bib numbers and glow bracelets, reflectorized cones and signages, provision of perimeter lighting, availability of ambulances, and insurance coverage for all runners worth Php 100,000 with Php 10,000 medical reimbursement.

Yes, the organizer has step up these measures to ensure safety for all runners. But they can’t do it alone. We need to help them. Again, fellow runners please leave your valuables where they are safe. If you do bring a camera, please ask a friend to take pictures of you instead.

Be vigilant. Be extra careful. Be safe. Be responsible. Most all, enjoy the run!

2 thoughts on “Runners Urge Vigilance During a Running Event

  1. Hello RunningDiva, Nice to have met you last night at the Milo Support Meeting. How true, we should be careful and not display our items thereby inviting and tempting the undesirables.. Good luck on your Milo run!!


  2. Rachel! Hello! It was also nice meeting and seeing you guys not in running gears. hehehe. I really admired the passion of the group to really support the runners on Sunday. 😀 That's the spirit! More power to forum funners! Woohoo!


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