Running Diva the Blog is Now Two Years Old

This article was posted sometime in 2007. Read on

My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization was organized and that was it. I was hooked. Started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races almost every Sunday of the week. And as long my schedule will allow me to, I will.

I was inspired to run when I saw a friend, a 57-year old guy, running a 10k event. “Wow!” I said to myself, “if he can do it, I can too!” Honestly, easier said than done.

Looking back at the history of road running, the Marathon is probably the most popular. Despite its popularity, so I’ve learned from our Happy Feet e-group and through my own research that, women were officially allowed to run only in 1972 and in the 1984 Olympics. I was only one year old then in 1972 and just graduated from grade school in 1984. Surely, time flies so fast, eh? I thought, this incident wouldn’t happen again. But I was wrong.

Recently, a race in Metro Manila, Philippines, excluded women from running a 21k event for reasons that really baffled me. According to Tanya, a fellow HF runner, I quote, “I thought it was an affront to all women around the world, not just runners.” I couldn’t agree more with her opinion stated in the recent Sunday lifestyle article. Thanks Tanya for that superb article and for featuring the Happy Feet group. I’ve kept a copy of that article as memento.

Let’s talk about the Happy Feet. As far as I can remember, this group, also known as impromptu runners usually register on race day itself. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it during the Nike+ Fun Run in April 2007 when Ben a.k.a. Photographer on the Run and Chester (whom I haven’t seen since then) registered on-site. This was a very memorable run for me because each runner was given a free red shirt where one can write a power song. I chose We are the Champions by Queen. I can still vividly remember seeing one of the runners wearing the Nike shirt with a power song Moon River emblazoned on it. That was cool! This was my comeback after a one year plus hiatus. Oh, no injury or other reasons. Just simply lazy then. My award? I finished the 5k run horribly.

(These photos were taken on 2 July 2007 with fellow Happy Feet runners)

It was also in this run that I’ve met Mon Domingo known also as Marimon, Jedi Master Mon, Monski, Monsky, Chito, etc. I became a member of impromptu running group after almost two months (and not three weeks as previously posted). There was never a dull moment during the members’ e-group exchanges even if we were still few then. Thanks to Mon, Smith and Joms’ funny antics.

One of the funny experiences I had with the group was when I came across with the acronym TBR and I thought this must be one of those running terms. I was wrong. TBR simply stands for The Bull Runner. With that name, came an imagination of a large, strong and aggressive person. I was wrong again.

Then, there was Ben. The Ben whom I thought one of the photographers that offer photo services in Luneta. Mon’s humor insinuated that Benโ€™s like thatโ€”you know, the big, fat, old kind of guy. I was wrong, wrong again. Ben’s a very talented lensman. He has his blog to prove it. It was also because of TBR and Ben that I got hooked to blogging. Yes, folks, for 48 straight long hours, I tried to understand the nitty-gritty of blogging. Voila! Running Diva was born after two days.

So, why use the moniker, Running Diva?

I gave the credit to Pia, a fellow VSO volunteer who is now back in the country after a two-year stint in Zambia, Africa. She gave that moniker to describe my hobbiesโ€”running and singing.

Then on July 1, 2007, after the Adidas King of the Road run, I’ve met another batch of impromptu runners–Michelle, the creator of impromptu runners site and Michelle’s special friend; Joms, Doc Brent, Tisha, and Ben. See my older post. You’ll find a photo of us above. The members just keep on growing, growing-Smith, Chaia, Banggi, Doc Oknoy, Lost Command, Tisha, Aljo-are just but some of the HF members I’ve met. Some of my friends who, at one time or another, decided to join HF group are Judah, Ana, Ruth, April, Wilbert and Thelma. Some members of the group, however, remained lurkers or are just simply too shy. The run in July 2007 was followed by one race after another.

L – R: Mon, Tanya, Tin, Bobby, Art (photo1), Vimma (photo2), Deldude, Jesse, Ipe, Que, Jinoe, John T, Wilbert, Roselle, Jesse, and Gigi P

Once you’re in the e-group, you just can’t miss each race. Below is the partial list of marathons, fun runs and other races where I joined (and never joined):

Runnex @ 25 Executive Classic Run, 10k, 7 Dec. 2008, 1:07.22

UNICEF Run, 10k, 23 Nov. 2008, 1:03.38

New Balance Power Race, Clark, 25k, 16 Nov. 2008, 3:00.29

VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run, 15k, 9 Nov. 2008, 1:45.57

United Nations Paabilisan Road Race Series in Cooperation with Botak, 10k, 19 Oct. 2008, 1:04.12

Adidas King of the Road, 21k, 11 Oct. 2008, 2:33.42

Hope in Motion 3, 10k, October 2008, no race results (a fun run/walk for the benefit of SOS Philippines)

Raising Hope 2 Fun Run of New Balance, September 2008, no specific distance (an annual fundraising activity of New Balance for Carewell Community where one can run, walk or jog as way of helping people affected with cancer)

Mamang Pulis Subic Marathon Legacy Run, 2/e, 10k, September 2008, 1:12.16 (unofficial race results)

Mommy Milkshake Marathon, Year 2, 2.6k, no race results

Feati Blue and Gold Fun Run, 10k (8.9km+), August 2008, 1:03:06

32nd National Milo Marathon, 10k, August 2008, 1:14:24

Fit & Fun Buddy Run, 5k, July 2008, 0:36.52

One Run. One Family. One La Salle, 5k, July 2008 0:30.29

PSE Bull Run, 10k, January 2008(Missed it for not waking up early; too tired)

Takbo Para sa Kalikasan Year 9, 10k, February 2008 no race results

Pinay in Action, 10k, March 2008 (couldn’t find my name in the list)

Soroptimist Takbo! Breast Friends, 10k (Missed it for not waking up early)

New Balance, 10k, (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)

Condura “I Ran for Tubbataha”, 10k, March 2008, 1:08:19

Subic Marathon: Live the Dream, 10k, January 2008, 1:16:24

(Originally registered for 5k but decided to run under April’s 10k race bib GK Bayani Marathon/Adidas Run for Love, 10k, October 2007, 1:18:23

Go Marino, Go!: 2nd F.A.M.E. Fun Run for a Healthy Body and Mind, 10k, September 2007 (no race results)

Fil-Mus Run for Peace, 10k, September 2007, no results

Media Sports Club Open, 10k, August 2007, no race results

Takbo Para Kay Ariel Fun Run, 5k, August 2007, no race results

UP Great Run, 10k, August 2007, 1:02:36

Runnex Pharmaton 5k/10k Executive Classic, 10k, December 2007, 1:10:05

Yakult 10 Miler, 16k, December 2007, 1:55:56

Animo! Run, 10k, November 2007 (Didn’t run due to a conflict in schedule. It’s matter of choosing CLASS or RUNNING.)

31st Milo Marathon Finals, 10k, no race results

31st Milo Marathon Elimination, 10k, July 2007, 1:15:26

Mommy Milkshake Marathon, 3k, August 2007, no race results

Adidas King of the Road Finals, 10k, July 2007, 1:04:26

Nike+ Fun Run, 5k, April 2007, no race results

Adidas King of the Road, 10k, October 2005, no race results

Why do I run?


It’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. It goes beyond the physical benefits. The intense exhilaration and euphoria that comes after finishing a run is what motivates me most. My practice runs gave me a wonderful and rewarding experience.

I have continued to run, recreationally and competitively, and have even won some awards including a cash award for winning first place. It’s not much but I was happy with it. Thanks to the constant prodding and encouragement of John Ting, fondly called, Sensei which means “teacher” in Japanese.

I believe, running is not about who can run the farthest and the fastest.

I’ve known some of HF runners who are seriously on training. I congratulate them for their dedication and for their passion for it. Some have set a quite impressive personal record. Good for them!

As for me, I will run for the sake of keeping in shape. Running is still, as what my blog says, a quest for self mastery.

Great Moments


Energy Summit; With MMDA Chairman B Fernando

Christmas Carol at Intercontinental Hotel

Charity Concert

As Guest During a UN Celebration

Honoring Our Heroes at Bantayog Ng Mga Bayani; With Former Philippine Pres. FVR

World Music Concert at Philamlife Theater

Jamming With Joey Ayala and Bayang Barrios at Conspiracy Resto


Conquering the Skyway during the Condura Run for the Whale Shark; Finishing the 25k Power Race at Clark; Training at Philsports Arena or Ultra; a Happy Feet meet during a rugby league and a five-kilometer practice run at Merville with PassionRunner; Pinay in Action with Happy Feet peeps; with Coach Rio who is instrumental in the first production of Happy Feet singlet; Renegade runners Ruth and myself meeting Jinoe (Manokan and owner of and the love of his life, Queenie; and, with peeps after the Mizuno Run to Infinity

Running Diva’s existence in blogosphere wouldn’t have been made possible if not for fellow runners who have served as her inspiration. Runners who are dedicated to practice in spite of pain, rain, injury. You name it. But is running still.

Thank you God for giving us this opportunity.

Thank you dear readers, fellow runners, and bloggers for visiting this site.

Looking forward to many years of running!

18 thoughts on “Running Diva the Blog is Now Two Years Old

  1. Congratulations to the Running Diva! More power and wish you well on your running. See you at the starting line! Keep on running Roselle!


  2. Greetings Running Diva!WE congratulate you on the 2nd Anniversary of your web log. WE wish you more years* of running and blogging.Run Strong and Prosper!*Earth standard date


  3. Ey Del, the last time I saw you you were really getting slimmer and slimmer. I wouldn't be surprised to see you finishing strong soon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you! A toast of Gatorade!


  4. Roselle, congratulations on two years and good luck at Milo on Sunday. We'll have a lot to talk about on the next trip to the Phils. Take care.


  5. Hi, Wayne. ๐Ÿ˜€ One luxury which I don't have right now is hopping from one blog to blog. I haven't visited most of my favorites. Busy as a bee! Hope to see you here sometime soon! Thank you. Not enough training but \”bahala na.\” ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Hi Roselle,Wow, ang tagal mo na pala sa running scene. Congrats on your blog's 2nd anniversary! See you at the races.-Mariel


  7. Hello Mariel. Thanks for dropping by. Time flies so fast that I didn't even notice it. It seems like it was only yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜€ See you at the races! Will link your blog with mine.


  8. Hi there Anonymous. If you are in the area and I happened to be around please don't hesitate to say \”hi\”. ๐Ÿ˜€ Guess what? My trophy is just reaching the finish line. That's enough for me.


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