Nike Lunar Glide for Women : a Review

Here is my personal running review and evaluation of the Nike Lunar Glide for women.

Number of days tested: 5
June 9
June 16
June 14
June 19
June 21

Distance: 38.8 km during LSDs

Weather: under heavy rain and during good weather conditions


Nice color combination
Snug fit
Roomy toe box
Good cushioning
Offers stability
Very light
Does not get dirty easily
Good for speed work
Good for pronators like me
Good for cemented as well as asphalted pavements

The Story Behind

An e-mail that didn’t get through my inbox caught my attention. I thought it was just one of those spam e-mails that one normally gets. It was an invitation from Nike for a trial run. I replied immediately to confirm my participation.

Arrived at Bonifacio High Street seeing some Happy Feet friends, coaches, forum runners like i2runner and Runningninja, and fellow bloggers. Weather condition that day was cloudy and with 90-percent rain. It poured later. The test run was postponed. Then we were given the new pair of Nike Lunar Glide shoes. Great! Nothing is sweeter than to get them for free!

Tony Atayde of Nike then briefed us about their newest running shoes. With me located at the far side of the tent, I didn’t get much of what he said except when I heard him say, “Write about the shoes. Use it. Do your own review. We can give you some materials about it if you need them. It will be out in the market by July .”

First time to use Nike running shoes and I found them pretty good for me!

(Group Photo Courtesy of i2Runner and Bullrunner)

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