Girl Power: Will Women Outpace Men?

Have any of your running friends approached and told you some of these things? “You’re strong and fast!” “PR?!” “Podium finish? Wow!” “You’re my target.” A good friend of mine even said this to me, “You’re my target. Beating you one of these days is my nirvana!”

Some male friends in the running world have said those either thru e-mail or straight to my face. And to hear one is like music to my ears. My heart sings with joy! I consider their comments as compliment. Not being humble here but just being realistic. I’m no fast runner. If ever I get to win for finishing strong … call it pure luck … a bonus. I know for a fact that in one of the races soon they or most them will eventually outpace me. Not because I did not train but the underlying reason is more scientific.

Are men faster than the women? My answer is YES. Hear me out fellow female runners. Those guy friends of yours who are doing either a 3k or a 5k run for-now-with-such-a-not-so-fast-race-time-and-a-not yet-so-serious-runner-for-the-time-being will eventually outpace both you and me.

A woman’s body, with its reproductive system and flexible hips, is designed to bear and nurture life. The truth of the matter not one single muscle cell in our body is discriminated just because of our gender.

Sway those hips of yours by just merely walking. Men, even if they’re running fast will stop, stare and admire. And you eventually outrun them! Now, that’s what I call “GIRL POWER”.

Hahaha! Just kidding!

On a serious note, men’s structure especially in the areas of the hips and pelvis are intended for strength and speed. All right. I can hear you saying to me, “Are you sure? I’m training and doing workout!” Well, I had training, too. What I’m saying is that, for example, even if we receive the same training, have the same ability and running background, men still have the advantage because muscle development and strength in their body are far greater than that of women.

In one of the 10k running events I joined in the past, the overall winner was a female runner. Does this mean that women will eventually outpace men? This one of the questions that has baffled the running community for years now and the answer is quite vague.

I’ve read from a leading article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that: “Although serious consideration does not indicate the slightest chance of a woman being the fastest human on the planet at distances of 100-200m, there are factors that may favour women over longer distances.”

A scientific evidence that put women at an advantage [in long or ultra distance race] is their natural ability to run aerobically at a higher percentage of maximal oxygen uptake, resistance to oxidative stress and a higher pain threshold. In addition, that amount of fats that most women wanted to get rid of is what helps women succeed in running a marathon or ultra distance event. I am not in the position to recommend this though. Any female runner who will excel in this area also opens herself for long term risk, injury, and burnout.

Some of my running buddies have tried, conquered the distance, and bravely reached the finish line with a pretty good time. So courageous! Admirable inner strength! I still have yet to try it [the full marathon]. And at the rate I am going, I think I am not yet prepared. It takes a lot of physical and mental training. Will get there eventually. Not just in a hurry. We’ll get there …

To the men running out there … celebrate! However, be on guard for any eventuality of being outpaced by female runners using their girl power.

(Photos Courtesy of PhotoVendo and Club EOS)

6 thoughts on “Girl Power: Will Women Outpace Men?

  1. Hey there ! Nice seeing you at Mckinley last night 🙂 I read somewhere that women are hotwired both physiologically and emotionally for endurance, much in the sense that men are more inclined to explosive activity. Is that short of saying the next ultramarathon champ will be a woman? Hey I don't think that's a remote possibility at all 🙂 Cheers, Luis


  2. Roselle – I am keeping an eye on you and Tiffin. Just in case one of you try to spring a surprise on me right before the finish line.heheheheRegards Mark husband of Tiffin


  3. Awww!:D It will take a long time and a real good training before we can do that. Not even sure whether we can beat you at the rate you're going Speedy Mark! One thing I am sure though Tiffin is really getting strong and fast! 😀


  4. Hi Roselle. Even though men outpace women, the PRs between men and women are narrowing, especially in the longer races (1oK and up). Recently, an Ethiopian woman ran in the 29 minute range on the track which is only three minutes slower than the men's PR.


  5. That is amazing Wayne! Pretty slim difference but (correct me if I'm wrong) in a real race that three-minute difference would mean that the distance between men's PR and that of the woman is approximately 1km. Is that correct? Ergo: Men runners are still fast! Hhhm… That will be a pretty good topic for a thesis about the sport don't you think? I think I might try that one.


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