Why Do You Run?

So you’ve been running, say, for months, or, in years. No longer a newbie that you were then. And may be have been running and joining races more often, or, are looking forward to races scheduled this year. I quote from my previous entry. RUNNING … it’s painful, tedious and most of all, exhausting. ItContinue reading “Why Do You Run?”

Third Milo Race, Third 21K

Didn’t have enough preparation for the half marathon race. On top of that the weather the previous week didn’t cooperate. It rained when it was time to have a practice run. But that didn’t deter me at all. Friday night, I had to meet Queenie to get my road ID but ended up in aContinue reading “Third Milo Race, Third 21K”

Girl Power: Will Women Outpace Men?

Have any of your running friends approached and told you some of these things? “You’re strong and fast!” “PR?!” “Podium finish? Wow!” “You’re my target.” A good friend of mine even said this to me, “You’re my target. Beating you one of these days is my nirvana!” Some male friends in the running world haveContinue reading “Girl Power: Will Women Outpace Men?”