A Volunteer’s Perspective: 2013 Takbo.ph Runfest

During its five years of existence, Takbo.ph has come a long way and today the blog is an integral part of the running community.  It serves as a platform not only for runners and race organizers but also for sponsors and advertisers as well.   How it has evolved to what it is today—from discussion forum on running in the country to being a supporter of running events, to hosting its annual running festival called Runfest, and into a database for nutrition, fitness, product reviews, running gears and apparels among others.  Its owner never thought his online running diary would grow this way.  After all, it was only created to respond to a personal need, that is, to consolidate all running events in Metro Manila. Since its official launch as a group including the red-black singlet during the Condura Skyway Marathon in 2009, the number of forum members/runners has grown considerably.  Some members became subgroups of ultramarathon and triathlon teams.

These past four years, the couple has invited me to run gratis, very nice of them.  I begged off a couple of times from joining the annual race yet Que has this keen ability to persuade and convince people.  In the end, I wound up running usually taking the longest distance category.  Couldn’t say no since they\’re good friends and fellow Happy Feet, too. 

I am thankful for Jinoe and Queenie or Que to most of us, owners of Takbo.ph site, for having me in their yearly event.  Now it’s time to give back.  There’s no better way to do it than volunteer.

Awarding the finisher\’s medal and waiting
for the the last three runners to finish
Last Sunday, I, together with my niece Jing and fellow runner/volunteer Marga, helped in awarding all 21k finishers with a finisher’s medal. Not an easy job. You need to greet each finisher and often be their cheerer. I tell you it’s easier to run than to stand for more than two hours under the heat of the sun waiting for the runners to arrive. All the same, nothing beats the experience of witnessing the many faces of a runner as he/she crosses the finish line.
Congratulations Takbo.ph on achieving your 5th year anniversary and on your success!

4 thoughts on “A Volunteer’s Perspective: 2013 Takbo.ph Runfest

  1. Hi Ms. Running Diva, i came and went without being able to see you.. sadly i missed joining the Adidas KOTR and this runfest of takbo.ph.. i had a very short 6 week vacation sayang.. but hoping and praying i'll be able to return in December,, eyeing to join QCIM half? or any run event by hook or by crook. i did my first half marathon here in B.C. and i want to try it in Manila.. God willing.. best regards.. LUGS 🙂


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