Swimming as Cross Training



I love both.

Part of me wanted to do the first 50K test run in Bataan last Saturday. But, part of me also didn’t want to go as I still feel tired from finishing the Cebu City Marathon. Yes, the spirit is willing but the leg muscle is bruised. Decided to forego running the test run, did a slow run for two hours on Sunday, and swam a good 1.2KM distance later in the afternoon. I felt a whole lot better.

I found swimming as an excellent activity for cross training. It helped me a lot to do well at the first Condura Skyway Marathon last year.

Swimming is like an oasis for tired muscles and a welcome respite from the repetitive pounding of joints associated with running. It will allow the body to rest, as well as, rejuvenate tired and aching muscles. Running every day, or three times or more than a week, though beneficial to the body, is not also good for the runner. That’s why one day is reserved as rest day of each week to allow the body to rest.

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