R and B and Running



Rhythm and blues

Nope. It’s not about music. But of reading, blogging, and running. I am a great fan of Reader’s Digest and National Geographic magazine. I can still remember so well … that one fateful day at a university library … when I happened to reading the story of Titanic and how it was discovered many years later, I appreciated READING more than ever. Then it was immortalized in the greatest ever movie blockbuster Titanic (1997). If not for that chance to read it, I wouldn’t have valued its story.

Children sometimes do innocently say things with a ring of truth in it. Read the funny story below which is taken from As Kids See It, Reader’s Digest, Feb. 2009

When he received a journal as a gift, my eight-year-old son was
mystified. “Mum, what do I do with this? The pages are blank.”
“You write down interesting stuff that happens to you,” I said.
“So it’s like a BLOG … on paper
.” Beverly Taylor

Funny, isn’t it?

I made attempts before to maintain a journal but never got the chance to do it. Many years later, if not for running, I wouldn’t have discovered blogosphere. After the birth of this blog two years ago, a number of blogging friends have been added and the list is growing. It’s like a library.

And I have readers, though not many of them (and it’s OK), and followers as far as the northern hemisphere who give their comments. Isn’t that amazing? Knowing that from time to time people access my blog and read it, in itself, is good. Why? They’re reading. And I also love reading their blogs. So the feeling’s mutual.

I’ve known a school administrator who writes so well. He can make a simple story alive with his skills in writing. Then one day I asked him, “how come you’re so good at it?” His simple answer, “Just read. Read. And read.”

To my fellow bloggers (who at the same time are runners) … keep the stories going!

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