Renegade Runners during the 4th October Run

I was grounded for five days for being sick. Having cough and colds, didn’t stop me from doing my usual practice run. I’ve heard of the October Run but didn’t register. I had to follow Coach Joar’s advice, that is, to rest. I felt better today, so, I stayed at Ruth’s place so we could run together from Salcedo to the Fort and see some action. Ruth, who used to be in top shape, couldn’t run continuously. She had to walk and so I had to adjust my pace. As we were on our way out of the Forbes Road, we saw some runners. I thought they were the 10k runners. We decided to run with them. After all, the finish line wasn’t that far.

Being renegade runners made me realized that it was not easy to get a bottle of water from the sponsor (ha ha ha!) and that you need to use your charm to get the other freebies. If you were lucky enough!

The other reason why I wanted to have this practice run was to see the registration booth of VSO Bahaginan. VSO singlet was nice but it was too big for me! Well, I hope the sponsor can do something about it because the singlet of the UNICEF was nice too. However, nothing beats the 15k event of VSO.

The run wouldn’t be complete without the photo ops with Que, Jinoe (Manokan express & and Wilbert (vballrunner).

Ruth, Roselle (Running diva), Jinoe (Manokan express &, and Que

Que, Jinoe, Wilbert, and Ruth

I’m happy with what I accomplished today.

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