Paabilisan Road Race Series, 19 October 2008

Just an easy practice run for me after running my first 21k the Sunday before. Can’t push myself even if I was told by a fellow Happy Feet runner to aim a sub 1:00 time. I had a slight fever the night before but I wouldn’t want to miss this run. In fact, I look forward to this!

I thought I didn’t do well but the surprise of my life when I saw the results, I clocked 1:04.12 for the 10k run. As usual, the day wouldn’t be complete without the Happy Feet peeps having breakfast together at Paul Calvin’s Deli.

Thanks to Ruth and Doc Oknoy for facilitating my registration to this run. Thanks too for Coach Jo-ar for just being there just to say, “Go, Roselle!” when I was on my way to the the first turn around point, second loop.

Photo opp with the Happy Feet (from left to right):
Doc Oknoy, Ana, Queenie, me, Judah, Jesse, and Charles

A souvenir shot with Elma Muros-Posadas, a track and field athlete specializing in long jump and hurdles, a former member of the Philippine women’s track and field team, and a bemedalled athlete in the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) track and field competitions (photo courtesy of vballrunner)

2 thoughts on “Paabilisan Road Race Series, 19 October 2008

  1. Thanks for dining at Paul Calvin\’s Deli. I really enjoying talking to you guys and I look forward to future runs with Happy Feet.-Jay EmPaul Calvin\’s Deli


  2. Ey Jay Em, are you a member of the group already? Do join the runs next month ha? Registration is on-going. Super thanks for dropping by my blog and for making us comfortable at your PCD. See you soon!


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