New Balance Raising Hope 2, 21 September 2008

I decided to join the Raising Hope 2 Fun Run in Rockwell, Makati City instead of the PMI Run in UP for some good reasons. Firstly, I did remember that i missed this run last year due to a previous commitment and I didn’t want to miss it once again. Secondly, the venue of the fun run is pretty near where I live. Thirdly, this was a fun run for a cause. The two hundred pesos registration fee served as donation to support the Cancer Resource and Wellness Community. After I registered, I was given a cute red Carewell/New Balance wrist band. Initially, I wanted to run as a renegade runner. However, when I heard that this run was a run for a cause, I didn’t hesitate to join it. In my own little way, I knew I made a difference. Thankfully, Mon, a fellow Happy Feet, also registered. While waiting for the race to start, I’ve met some newbies, Pam and Tina.

I arrived exactly on time. There were still few runners. I believe most of the runners joined the PMI Run at UP. This didn’t stop the organizer as well as the sponsors to push through with the race. There we went… running around Rockwell Power Plant mall. On my last lap, I saw Glen, who arrived a bit later but joined nonetheless.

The runners were treated well. Breakfast was surely a feast.

Kudos to the organizers as well as to Carewell Community!

Oh, before I forget, I registered early for the New Balance Power Race slated on November 16 at Clark. Events are 5k (P250), 10k (P350) and 25k(P550). I was told by a friend that registration will start on October 11, 2008.

6 thoughts on “New Balance Raising Hope 2, 21 September 2008

  1. Hi there sfrunner. Yeah, it\’s really a tight sked I have. So, when I get the time and the inspiration, I write right away. I\’ll see you soon here. I did expect that you would be running the 25k distance… 🙂 one month more to go and you\’ll be here! Woohoo!


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