A Podium Finish at the Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014 (Leg 2)

It has been five years since my last aquathlon.  My first attempt was in an open sea competition in Corregidor.  It was not really to test how fast l was in swimming,  but it was to get over my fear of swimming in an open sea water.  I learned to swim late (in my earlyContinue reading “A Podium Finish at the Splash ‘n Dash Aquathlon 2014 (Leg 2)”

Ateneo Aquathlon, 4 March 2012

I was a noncompetitive swimmer long before I became a runner.  But it was only during a run-swim race that I discovered I could do fairly well in a swimming event.  I made my aquathlon (swim-run) debut in Corregidor Island and placed 3rd and earned bronze for age group at Ateneo Aquathlon two years ago.  It was an unexpectedContinue reading “Ateneo Aquathlon, 4 March 2012”

‘Surprised’ By Podium Finish at Ateneo Aquathlon 2010

I was eating fruit and macaroni salads when I saw Carina walking towards me with a big smile plastered on her face. She excitedly shouted at me, “Selle, third ka second ako!” (Selle, you’re third and I’m second!) Wow, a podium finish for both of us! A surprise indeed! Then I heard my name beingContinue reading “‘Surprised’ By Podium Finish at Ateneo Aquathlon 2010”

Musings of a Neophyte Aquathlete

Do you believe that things do happen for a reason?I do. This happened in 1992. I was seated, typical Indian style, along the beach, watching friends swimming in the sea. I didn’t join them for one sole reason. I can’t swim. I can’t float. That was also the day when I said to myself, “youContinue reading “Musings of a Neophyte Aquathlete”

Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup, 3/e.

A group photo after the awarding ceremony. If you try to check the meaning of the word will, you’ll be surprised of the various meanings of this pretty simple yet powerful word. In my readings, one dictionary defined it in 19 ways. This one is my favorite. Will ~ a fixed and persistent intent orContinue reading “Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup, 3/e.”

The Rock Conquered: Aquathlon Challenge

It was a feeling of trepidation for the nth time. Being an aquathlon participant was not part of my plan this year. At some point, I did email the organizer that it was a no-go for me. However, the organizer emailed me back to tell me that registration was extended. The spirit of camaraderie asContinue reading “The Rock Conquered: Aquathlon Challenge”