From a Sea of Reds to an Ocean of Black and Lime Green: the 2012 Nike We Run Manila

2 December – I was out of the house early in the morning may be too excited to get to race site for the annual Nike 10K run.  I really thought I couldn’t make it this year, but many thanks to Nike and to the We Run Manila Team for the invitation and for making it possible for me. 
Running Bloggers from L-R: Singing Dad on the Run, Running Pinoy, Banana Running, Running Diva, Run Unlimited, Forefoot Runner, and Jet Paiso (Photo courtesy of Bards B. aka Banana Running)
It took me sometime to reach the race venue since I had to take an alternative route once I saw the traffic along a major thoroughfare. The good thing about it, though a bit stressful, the taxi driver was really helpful and very cooperative the whole time we traveled.   In fact, he was worried if I would arrive late.  Thankfully, I got there with ample time to supposedly do some warm up exercises but decided to skip it since there were already a lot of runners milling about.  After thanking the driver for his efforts, I jogged towards the starting line and stopped when I saw runners lined up at the entrance of the start line corral.  Walking faster this time, I headed straight to the VIP lounge at the Race Village to claim a special wrist tag.
Sunday turned out to be a great day with more than 13,000 runners who battled the race field in Pasay City.  From a sea of reds to an ocean of black and lime green!  The number of runners has showed a significant increase in participation from 8,000 in 2011. 

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While it was difficult waiting in the corral to start, (What Wave was I? I had no idea.) I’m glad I found a good spot.  As soon as I crossed the finish line, I went straight for that limited edition finisher’s tee which is strictly for runners who have completed the race within 2.5 hours.  That’s a lot of time for a 10K!  I’m happy with my performance and improved finish time (a PR by seven minutes) despite the low-intensity training compared to what I did these past seven years.    
Claiming the finisher’s tee, water, banana, and energy drink was no problem.  In fact, the new system was a huge improvement and perhaps another Runrio innovation.   Though the race start was slightly delayed by a few minutes, after the countdown it started out on such a high note.  

I take my hats off to  the Runrio Team for a job well done!  Thank you to Nike We Run Manila Team for the complimentary ticket to this race and VIP seating for breakfast, special mention to Trina Villanueva who facilitated everything. Congratulations to all the participants, winners, and finishers of the 2012 Nike We Run MNL 10K race!  

3 thoughts on “From a Sea of Reds to an Ocean of Black and Lime Green: the 2012 Nike We Run Manila

  1. \”strictly for runners who have completed the race within 2.5 hours\”….now this one's a give away huh! Congrats Running Diva, i sure do missed a LOT of events back home… Happy Holidays and Happy running!! God bless 🙂


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