Runner’s Blues, of Being Slow, and Running the Runfest

A few months back I already notified my good friend Queenie, fondly called “Que”, that I would not be joining the Run Fest.  Not because I didn’t want to.  Just not having the same zest to run after finishing the BDM 102K Ultramarathon sometime in March. 
Yes, it has been over three months yet going back to my usual training routine seems to be a drag.  It’s not that I’m unhappy.   I can’t explain it but my body just doesn’t want to run anymore.  While on official trip last summer, I even brought my running gear but I used it only once. 
When I got another invite from a runner friend, Marga a.k.a. Margalicious of, for a meet up with Que and her baby Gab, I took the opportunity to touch base with them.  Que again brought up the topic of inviting me to join the Runfest.  Que was her persuasive self. I just couldn’t say no this time.  When she asked what distance I would be running I answered with no qualms, “16K.”  It only sinked in after I reached my place that I would be running this “short” distance without any training for the past three months.  In my years (as if I’m already running that long, eh) of running, I always believe in the saying “respect the distance.”  I had to force myself and tied again my shoes.  Mind you, running the first two kilometers as warm up was easy.  I was flying.  Rest really can do good.  But … upon reaching the next kilometers my feet began to feel heavy.  Yep, I was kind of out of shape.   I felt so heavy.  I gained weight for eating and resting and with no regular runs at all.  The 16K race was a great treat.  It forced to run again.  Slowly I gained myself “running diva” again. 
I got another text from Que, inviting me once again to lead in the singing of the National Anthem.  I begged off.  Again, not that I didn’t want to.  I just wanted to give other talented runners from to experience how it is to sing in front of fellow runners.  How glad I was when a friend accepted.  I even looked forward to hearing her sing it.  Unfortunately, she didn’t make it on race day itself.  Well, there’ll always be a next time for her.  I arrived at the race venue with a few minutes to spare to deposit my stuff at the baggage area.  Hurrying to be at the starting line, I initially forgot to stop walking while the National Anthem was being played.  My bad!  Good thing I’ve noticed and eventually stopped in attention.   
The race I considered as my long run.  Goodness!  It was my comeback to run 16K again in the Bonifacio Global City area.  The way used to be my usual route for my long runs.  Yet here I was feeling like a newbie again, haha.  On my way back, along Lawton area, I really thought that I was almost done only to discover “too late” that McKinley area is included in the route.  I could only utter, “crap!” In ultramarathon, when you see downhill it means you need to double your effort in coming back because it means an uphill run for you. Yeah, you got it! Though I had the endurance it was really hard to run the uphill part when you have no runs at all. 
Well, my 16K comeback race was still fun.  Seeing familiar faces of my friends from and my ultramarathon friends as volunteer marshals, who wouldn’t enjoy it?  It was nice to hear their cheers.  And, to be greeted by fellow bloggers like the fast walkathon racer, Reinier6666, ultramarathoner El Kyoshi, the ever popular yet humble Running Shield, and the Bald Runner known to the ultramarathon running community as Sir Jovie, who wouldn’t enjoy Runfest? 
With this said, many, many thanks to Jinoe and Queenie, owners of blog, for inviting me and to the Lead Pack Head, Doc Lyndon, for welcoming me to once again run in their race.  Thank you for the personalized race bib and the nice singlet. 
Congratulations family on your anniversary! 

4 thoughts on “Runner’s Blues, of Being Slow, and Running the Runfest

  1. Ey Roselle!Sabi ko na nga ba I spotted you at the Runfest, too bad I wasn't able to say hi. ;)May ups and downs talaga minsan, no matter how much we love running. When first ako sumipot sa I was just coming back from a 3 year layoff (and a nasty injury back in `06). Take your time lang. You'll be back, sigurado ako!-Cloudshocked 😉


  2. what a relief to find out that I am not alone in \” my body does not want to run \” that much anymore to the point of no mileage, minimal gym work … but more time for sleep and family…. makes me wish I had the same fitness level before though. Yet, you have done an ultra of 102 so your slackening might really be justified versus mine hahahaha. Regards !


  3. Ey, Allyn, how have you been. Really nice of you to drop by and read my post, thank you. You will always be a runner. Just change your goal and you'll be surprised to see yourself running again. Well, family is important. Just strike a balance. Health is still wealth. The past three months, well, it was like, \”why run 5k or more, when you're done with 102?\” But I missed running. So here I am back again! 🙂 See you at the starting line soon,okies?


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