3000 KM Mark

Running Diva started her romance with running sometime in 2003. As a newbie back then, the only concern was to only run, run, and run. She failed to log her mileage. It was only sometime in 2009 when she decided to record her accumulated mileage. May be, she was inspired by what Running Shield had done, by keeping tab of his mileage since day one. As of his last post, with the mileage he had, it was more than enough to circumnavigate the world. It was indeed an amazing feat for a runner who started his running career way back in the 80s and still built to run fast at present day.

Good thing about the Net, mileage tracker can just be easily embedded as a widget and be displayed on the blog. I\’ve finally reached beyond the 3000KM mark (just short of 900KM++ against my target of 4,000 in 2010) without even noticing it. The use of Garmin Forerunner also helped.

Reaching this particular distance, I felt much appreciation for all the events that have happened and things learned since the day I started to love this dish we call running with swimming as dessert. Towards the end of the year, apart from doing ultra distance running, the last month was bruising when our family lost a loved one. Running, somehow, became a therapeutic activity.

As for 2011, it is a year of hope, something to look forward to. I wish to work harder, to be more focused, and to get things done (especially, my graduate studies). This is also the year where I\’ll close some chapters of my life, and, hopefully, open new ones (and they better be good!).

With this 3000 KM mark, I share with the readers of this blog and fellow runners a great 2011.

Do well and see you at the starting line!

4 thoughts on “3000 KM Mark

  1. Here's to 3000 x 10times more kms to you!!!everything will be better, \”look to the sun, not to the shadow\”wonder how many kms i did? … 5 + 5 + 5 + 10 + … ayayay.. continue counting in my dreams..take care please. Blessings to you!LUGS 🙂


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