Finally, the New Happy Feet Shirt is Out!

Happy Feet shirt THEN

(Photos Courtesy of Maui and Zimm, 2007/2008)

… and NOW

(Photo Courtesy of Marvin Opulencia a.k.a. Nuttybunny of
Its production was made possible by the ever active Z, generous gentlemen Aljo and Master Mon, and support of Happy Feet members.

6 thoughts on “Finally, the New Happy Feet Shirt is Out!

  1. Hi Roselle! I like the green with white and yellow better. Hindi ba mainit kasi pag black, lalo na summer weather diyan? Went back to your older posts and enjoyed looking at the pictures. You are so fit! Wish I have the discipline so I won't have to go yoyo weight wise.


  2. Hello Bong, the white and yellow combination was the first edition of Happy Feet. The black's singlet (2nd ed.) material is also OK since it's dri-fit. Thank you for visiting my site and for reading my older posts. Me, fit? Wow! Thank you for the compliment. 😀 You lose a lot of weight and you did OK, too, in terms of weight management. 😉 Let's just run!


  3. Hi Mam,This is Jude from the STREAK Running Club.Is there a way to have (or buy) the Happy Feet Shirts and singlets? Do I need to become its member?I like the designs and I am really interested to have them as a personal souvenir.thanks/JUDE


  4. Hello Jude,Thanks for dropping by. The Happy Feet shirts were pre-ordered by its active members. Yes, you need to become a membe and (at least) show yourself in one of the runs. Please get back at me by emailing me at about your shirt size so I can forward your request to Z. Heard there are extra shirts. BTW, where is this Streak Running Club based?


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