2009 Year Ender

Another year has passed and it’s time for reflection. I know. It’s been awhile since the last time I posted in my blog. For some unfathomable reason, the idea of writing another post before the year ended was just too much.

The Baguio race was supposed to be my year ender race but I ended up running PhilStar celebrity run. Not much to tell about the race. Simply put, it was just one of those races, if you know what I mean. It wasn’t that bad, not really that awesome either. But still it was a good race.

I went home, I mean the real home, back in the province for the holidays to a much simpler life. I promised myself to just enjoy the break. It was pure luxury to wake up late. No e-mails, no Internet, and no blogging. I hibernated from all those stuff for just two weeks. However, I couldn’t stop myself from doing the thing that I love doing, running. Yes, with me was a program in preparation for another race.

I was a total stranger to my own hometown. Not much pretty route like the one here in Manila. Most of the roads back home were not friendly to a runner like me. There were just too many obstacles. In fact, I hurt both of my knees in one of my long runs. I was running fast. It was almost dusk. I didn’t notice this rubber hump along the road. I lost my balance and tried to lessen the impact on automatic reflex but both knees suffered the brunt of my fall. Both got bruised and the other one had a wound. But I recovered well and back on the road again.

And the people back home, my, they really stared at me like I were an alien. Seeing me running alone was to some extent a novel to them. Well, it was also new to me to have run the national highway. There was no choice. That was the only route I could find. There were not too many runners either. So one afternoon, it was a delight to bump into one of my former students of the night high school adult program. He introduced himself but I just couldn’t remember him. My bad! I was touched that he was ecstatic to see me. He said he was a runner already even during his elementary years, even trained in Baguio and competitively raced locally. Amazing!

I did ask him why the city wasn’t able to produce a runner to qualify for a marathon leg. The very reason: no available area for a runner to practice on. He had to travel two hours to another city just to use a track oval. Sad.

2009 has given me so much. There were just too many opportunities where I discovered what I could do and couldn’t and the areas where I could improve on as a runner. It was a year where I finished a full marathon, became one of the official pacers for a half marathon, and even raced not only as a runner but as a swimmer as well. I’ve met a lot of faces and even ran with newfound friends.

With this year ender, (and I quote) comes a simple wish this New Year to all runners

who lost kilos in body weight and added kilos to the kilometers of roads that you have run,

to those who have constantly put up and wear a smile along the miles,

to our colleagues who remain in touch although they are oceans away,

to the fit, the strong, and all the personal victories achieved this year,

to those who are new to the sport and realizing the experience and joy of running,

to those who are just opening and reading the threads of Happy Feet e-mails,

to the pillars of support of Happy Feet who keep everyone rolling along,

to those who get out and thinking of running back again.

I hope we can all look forward to 2010 no matter how uncertain it may be! ~ Doc O. Poblete, Happy Feet Runner

to those who took time out to read and follow my blog, thank you so much!

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