Living Witness to Cory’s Magic

I set foot in Manila months after the EDSA Revolution to attend a Youth Congress at LSGH on September 1986. Twenty three years later, when Ayala Avenue in Makati was rained with yellow confetti on August 3, I was there. A feeling of déjà vu, where it was like 1983 to 1986 again but unlike in those years, the yellow confetti was simply an expression of love, respect, and sadness for the passing of a former President. (Photo by PCIJ)

Glued on TV, I watched history unfolding again and couldn’t help but cry as I listened to stories of people who worked with and had known the former President. A story of a very strong woman admired across the seas, who fought in a non-violent way to restore Philippine democracy. In death, Cory magic was revived.

I just couldn’t let the day pass by without doing anything. It was also timely when I got a call from a friend who asked me to accompany her and together see the Aquino funeral motorcade. Hurriedly I left my place wearing my running gear. Together we ran a portion of EDSA towards Magallanes interchange. After waiting for over an hour, we saw finally the convoy. I, together with a throng of people, paid homage to former President Aquino as her flag-draped casket passed through en route to the Manila Memorial Park in Sucat. There were a lot of people and together we chanted “Cory! Cory!” while flashing the L for Laban (fight) sign. I didn’t know how to explain it but I felt a lot better after. Thanks to Neil a.k.a. Crashburn as our navigator. He updated me via SMS where the procession was. Same with my friend Ruth, a fellow runner and Happy Feet. If not for her invite, I couldn’t have mustered the courage to go out the streets and join the crowd.

Later at around 6PM, I joined a group of runners who staged a Run for Cory in Makati, a simple tribute to the acclaimed Mother of Philippine Democracy.

11 thoughts on “Living Witness to Cory’s Magic

  1. Hi Roselle, It was just like EDSA 1 plus the media coverage, Internet and cellphone updates. Quite an experience again.(Para pala akong GPS, hehe)regards


  2. I went to Edsa Dos about 9 years ago :)Was magical to say the least 🙂 This time I reckon it's radically different, but always nice to be part of history 🙂 I like this Roselle thanks for sharing and rekindling those memories. Cheers, Luis


  3. Hi Dear! Enjoyed reading your blog site! I'm glad we were together to witness this historic event. Tita Cory will live in us forever! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Ruth


  4. Hello Ruth! Wow, I was so surprised you took time out to comment on my blog. 😀 Finally! Thank you really for that wonderful experience. Where are the photos? hahaha Mabuhay and Demokrasya! Anyway, nice to know that you've registered for the Urbanite run.


  5. Hi Running Diva!It was a day of mixed emotions for me, too!I've been reading some of your posts and been running into you in some of the races and even at Runnr store. One question I've been meaning to ask: Do (did) you work at DLSZ? :-)–Alfred


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