Airspeed, 5 Apr. 2009

I didn’t expect much from myself this time. This was one of those moments when I felt like not running at all. I think I did OK. The results showed that my time was indeed OK but still pretty far from my target of a sub-hour.

Anyway, just let me share with you instead some tidbits of what I’ve read from Mr. Galloway’s Book on Running. The chapter is about motivation. It tells the success story of Dave Wottle, 1972 Olympic medalist. He became an Olympic medalist because he trained himselt to reach his potential. Whatever he did that fateful day, he surely made a name in the running history. The book further says, “but each of us can use this same type of power inside to get out the door on the “bad” days, to keep going, and to dig down and pull out the untapped strength.” Very nicely said, right?

At a certain point of my running in this race, I did entertain thoughts of quitting and the I-don’t-care-attitude-and-so-what-if-I-DNF. But the runner in me made me push myself to reach the finish line regardless whether I get a good Personal Record or not.

To continue … the book further says, “…when you get the body and mind working together, you’ll find the resources inside to do anything that is realistic, and some things that are not. You’ll certainly be a happier and more motivated runner than someone who runs faster but lacks this body/mind integration. Body, mind, and spirit only come together when you’re running within yourself. Most of us are close to maximizing our physical capabilities, while using only a fraction of the potential of the other two. Running is one of the few growth experiences in life which can naturally balance all three, allowing us to reach our unique potential in speed, distance, and in life.”

After reading that chapter, I felt better. A realistic goal to reach my potential as a runner is all I need.

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