Renegade Runners at the Pink Run, 29 March

After the recently held half-marathon of Condura, I decided not to register for another race on Sunday. I just wanted it an easy run for me that I asked administrator, Jinoe and the love of his life, Que, if I could run with them from their place to Mall of Asia grounds and join the Pinay in Action women runners. Another reason was to see Happy Feet Banggigay (a.k.a. Coffee Mug). Three months ago, she had an accident in Vietnam and it was good to know that she finished the 3k event of the recently held Condura race.

Few days before this race, fellow Happy Feet runner, Master Mon, asked me if I could register him in this run but told him that I wouldn’t register. Reluctantly, though he really wanted to be registered, he agreed to run with me as a renegade runner. And, another renegade Jess joined us. Thus, we were renegade runners during the pink run.

Banggigay with the Renegade Runners, Running Diva and Master Mon (Photo Courtesy of Loony Runner)

Pinay in Action Runners (Photo Courtesy of the Bull Runner)

Renegade Runners Jess, Running Diva, and Master Mon with Fellow Happy Feet Caesar (Photo Courtesy of Caesar)

PIA was an all women’s run. A guy can only run in this race as long as accompanied by a lady runner. Now, that’s what we call women empowerment in the Philippines.

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