Header Facelift

It’s a big world out there yet this started with meeting this interactive graphic designer virtually. A keen eye for detail and the talent to use it make this person a winner! Voila! Running Diva‘s header got a facelift.

Yes, dear readers, from this time on it will be the official header of this blog.

9 thoughts on “Header Facelift

  1. Thank you so much Vonjobi. I tried to do it myself but I just don\’t have the tools yet and along the way, through coincidence or God\’s providence, I\’ve met a graphic designer (virtually) and told him of what I want and just like that he did it for me. πŸ˜€ BTW, I know how busy you are but thanks the same for dropping by.


  2. Hello Decee gurl… wohooo! Thanks for dropping by? Thank you for the \”restful malling and lakwatsa moment\” the night before the race. How are our LPG supply and prices? πŸ˜€


  3. ahahaha! lpg\’s fine… hehe… thank you too. just thinking of that walkathon gives me the giggles till now, hekhek! – decee


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