VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run, 9 Nov 2008

This is it! The most awaited first 15k run. I made sure that I sleep early but maybe due to excitement, I didn’t sleep well… again! This has been a problem ever since.

Though the race started late but the weather cooperated. To top it off, running inside a cemetery is a different experience. The killer hills of McKinley challenged one’s stamina and endurance. At this point, I could still remember Sensei John saying, “Just let your feet roll and push yourself.” It helped.

This was one of the most organized races I’ve ever been.

Congratulations to all who participated in this run!

Meeting Bro J, Wayne, and Happy Feet

Almost there … finish line

Meeting Ms. Nora, the Golden Girl

With Cecil and Mark Dasco

Malou Pantua-Juanito, VSO Bahaginan Director and Kinderdorf Leben, two great leaders

Post race breakfast at Chowking

2 thoughts on “VSO Kabahagi Ako Fundraising Run, 9 Nov 2008

  1. i like all the pictures. especially the exotic food. i like pampamga food. and you look very slim and athletic.wish i joined you guys. take caremerry christmas in advance 🙂


  2. Tanya really prepared a lot of food. It was a banquet. A feast. You should have been there! Well, there\’s always a next time at \”Villa de Lara\”. 🙂 Merry Christmas, too! Ho! Ho! Ho!


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