Practice RuNs … RACES… rUnnING…

Practice Run at University of the Philippines (UP)

I looked forward to this practice run as it was my first time to run at UP at night with QC HF runners. To top it off, I’ve met some of the HF newbies. The practice run started past 8pm. According to Gigi A, we ran a distance of over eight kilometers. I didn’t even notice that. The original plan was to run only within the three to five kilometer range. During the cooling stage, I had the chance of getting to know some of the newbies, including Gigi (thefitmommy). Thank you Gigi for sharing your story. As what lonerunner said, “run on my friend.” The post run dinner ended at no other than the much loved restaurant of Mon, Chowking. It was nice of Carmen and Gelo to drop by while we were having our late dinner. Thanks to Sir Felipe for the ride home. He made sure that everyone went home safely. If it was not for Daniw, the group wouldn’t have experienced the Betty Go-Belmonte moment. That was really hilarious! If you are wondering what happened? Ask Vimz or Doc Gigi.

Doc Gigi, Lito, Jan, Vimz, Felipe, Daniw (partly hidden), me, Cecil, Sheila, Mikey and Gigi “thefitmommy” (seated)

Practice Run at Salcedo Village, Makati City (taken at Velasquez Park)
Judah, Glenn, Mon, Mikey, Vimz, Doc Oknoy, Doc Gigi, Aljo and me

One Run. One Family. One La Salle at the Fort

Waited for Judah to arrive so I can give him his race pack.
Ana also joined in this run.

Saw some familiar faces–former students and colleagues in school, and some DLS Brothers.

A 5k run for me but I ended running a distance of 3k only because I did a wrong turn and followed a wrong pack of runners.

A fun run in the rain.

Fit & Fun Buddy Run at the Fort

I ran under Tanya’s race bib so that Mon will have a buddy in this run. Mon thought that I was trying to chase Cecil on our way to the turn around point but, actually, I was just having fun pacing with him. It was indeed a privilege to run with one of the Masters. We finished the run with a time of 0:36.52 hand in hand near the finish line and not HHWR.

FEATI Blue and Gold Fun Run at Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Cecil and I were planning our way on how to go to the Fort when out of nowhere Pat said “hi” to us. Earlier in the run, I already saw Pat and waved at him. I was glad to finally meet in person our HF singlet sponsor.

Cecil, Caesar, Pat Concepcion and me

Thank you Pat for taking this photo.
Thank you Cecil for the ride–me as your navigator; and us zooming from Feati run in Manila to Mommy Milkshake run at the Fort.
It was also nice meeting Caesar here.

Mommy Milkshake Fun Run 2/e at the Fort

Marvin, Missy, Jeune, Thelma, Cecil, Mikey, Trish (Vimz\’ daughter), me, Felipe, Art, Mon, Tanya, Madj, Ana, Raf

8 thoughts on “Practice RuNs … RACES… rUnnING…

  1. Hi Zimm,Nice of you to drop by. Lurker mode ever, eh? I will link your blog. Didn\’t even realize until now that you are a blogger yourself. Will definitely visit your blog too! Ayo-ayo, igsoon.


  2. never thought you were a librarian! 5 yrs ago when we met and you said you worked in a school, i got the impression you were a guidance counselor cum singing coach 🙂 so glad to meet you again, and to know you evolved from a \”mountaineering-training-run spectator\” to a RUNNER. Bam


  3. Wow Roselle! Looks like you are getting sexier! i remember the last time before i left you were complaining of not getting enough run. Well looks like you are doing well 😀 keep on running!


  4. Hi Chia,Thanks, Chai. I did try to access your blog many months ago but I just couldn\’t due to access restrictions. It\’s not easy … had to juggle my time. My classes are scheduled on Sundays so I had to run a race then off I go to my class afterwards. There were Sundays that I was absent from class. Bad! At one point in time, I got so tired with what I was doing that I didn\’t run for almost a month. 🙂 Everything\’s OK naman.


  5. Hi Bam,I just saw your comment appeared in my inbox. Thank you for dropping by. Couldn\’t help but smile to your comment here. It was nice seeing you after such a long time. That was during the Mommy Milkshake Fun Run right? Haven\’t seen you running lately. See you soon at the oval.


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