Benefit Concert, 26 June 2008

This year’s 7th anniversary with the theme, “Panibagon Simula, Ibayong Sigla,” wouldn’t be complete without the much awaited benefit concert of Transchorale, Transco’s finest talent group. The concert is made possible through TLFI. Almost three weeks in the making. Eleven songs are with choreography. Repertoire includes …
Tayo’y Mga Pinoy
Hibang Sa Awit
Babae Ka
Bakit Ngayon Ka lang/Nandito Ako Medley
Rosas Pandan
Sanay Wala Ng Wakas
Salamat Musika
Sa Tabi Ng Puno Ng Saging (Men)
Waray Waray (Women)
Lady Is A Tramp
Fyer Fyer
Prende la Vela
Paraiso-Better World

A karate pose after singing Waray-Waray

Singing Fyer Fyer

Singing the opening song, Tayo\’y Mga Pinoy

Decee Joy, Ana and Judah as my guests

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