Amec Cape East International Rugby Festival, 5-6 April 2008

A souvenir photo with Arabian Potbellies Rugby Team
The original plan was to go with my choirmates to Baguio over the weekend but decided to savor personal time. This changed, however, when I’ve had the chance of seeing Ruth, a Happy Feet who informed me of the upcoming rugby tourney. Her husband, Sean, is a rugby player. Seen this tourney last year, so even if I ‘m not familiar with the rules of the game, I just can’t resist witnessing the action! It was an exciting weekend. Relatives of Ruth came to watch the game. Yes, the club has a pool for adults and children which makes it a great weekend getaway. So much have happened over the weekend that I had to squeeze in running, swimming, accompanying Ruth and her relatives to Tagaytay, meeting a new member of our Happy Feet running group, and watching the tournament. To top it off, I saw Jojo, the younger brother of a high school batchmate and Paulin, both are former students of mine and both played under the Cebu Dragons rugby team. New found friends are Jaret (Canada) Becky (Kenya) and Eric, a new member of Happy Feet running group.

Cebu Dragons

Rugby Team

Let’s talk about running. Under a scorching heat of the sun late Sunday afternoon, Eric, a new member of Happy Feet, arrived at Nomads carrying with him a map of our 5k run inside Merville village. Eric, I would say, is in top shape as we started the uphill run. While me, was really out of breath for the first two kilometers or so. Had been doing some extra workouts the day before so body is kind of tired. Excuses … excuses … We finished the run in 35 minutes I guess just in time for me to watch the exciting game between rugby teams from Fiji and Singapore.

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