A Heartfelt Thank You Readers: Six Years of Blogging

July 2013  Wow! Six years ago, this month of July, I started this blog to put in writing my running experiences.  Now six years later, this blog is still ON and yours truly is still into the sport of running and sweats it out every now and then.  

My proudest two pieces of writing to date would have to be, first, the article I wrote for the April 2011 issue of Front Runner magazine entitled, “Happy Feet” and second, the blog post called, “Too Much, Too Soon.”  
Running Laurel, Batangas-Tagaytay route

with the view of Taal Volcano

in the background
(Photo by the Running Contessa)

Not much racing for me though lately since these past two or three months I was busy with lots of stuff such as taking a trip or two, doing long runs outside the metro, la la la, that blogging was put on hold for a while. I’m happy that my Garmin FR 305 is back and in working condition.  Running  more exciting now that I get to wear the watch again.  Thanks to NAVCO personnel, especially to Ethel and Joy, for their assistance.
I couldn’t let this moment pass without thanking my good-humored ultra runner friends, Ivy and Tess, photoholic Tina, and my niece Jing Jing, who made my long runs last summer more fun and enjoyable.  Will write about my escapades until the right mood strikes or when inspiration strikes any time soon.
Thank you all for reading my blog posts, liking and leaving comments on them these past six years!  Cheers!

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