This Blog is in its Fourth Year

VSO Kabahagi Fun Run 2010
Wow, time flies so fast.  Never knew this blog would reach this far.  Yep, it’s now in its fourth year.  Before putting this post into writing, I revisited what I’ve written in the past three years and it amazed me really to read some of my previous posts and had to ask myself silently, “Did I really write this stuff?”
So how was it this past year?  I’ve published on the Net 133 blog posts—some about various races and the rest were my experiences as a runner.  This runner and blogger finished 19 races in various categories, from aquathlon to running five 10Ks, two 15Ks, five 21Ks, one 32K, two full marathons, and three ultra marathons.   This year, if you’ve noticed, there are not too many races for me especially after finishing the Bataan Death March 102-kilometer Ultramarathon last March.  A separate post will come out detailing the reason soon. 
Anyhow, I’ll end this post sharing with you a guide that keeps me going or why this blog is still here even if the majority has migrated to other social network sites. Technology sometimes will make a slave out of you if you don’t have control over it. 
This year’s anniversary post is all about achieving your greatest potential (even if sometimes you doubt yourself).   
Let’s start with PURPOSE.  Why do you run? Or, why are you into multisport? Or, why do you blog?   You have to be clear about this.  Don’t be a copycat. 
Next is COMMITMENT.  How committed are you to your training plan?  Or,  you just follow what others are doing even if you don’t know why you are doing it in the first place.  Remember you have a choice.  Some of my friends are inviting me to join and train for multisport events but I opted not to (for now). 
Lastly, HAVE some FUN in whatever you do.  When you take running so seriously you missed out the fun.  If you had a DNF (did not finish), so what?  Bounce back.  If you got injured then take time out to heal your body then train when you’re in good shape again.  Don’t forget to do the other things you like (or love) doing.  When I don’t have anything to write about, I don’t force myself. When there’s no inspiration to write, I just leave this blog as is. 
The other reason why I keep going?  It’s because of the one or two readers of this blog.  Yes, you are the reason why this blog is still on. 
For this milestone, my heartfelt thanks to you fellow runners, runner-blogger friends, the readers, followers, and visitors of this site.   

8 thoughts on “This Blog is in its Fourth Year

  1. Thank you, Dhenz aka RunningPinoy. Yup, last year I did three ultras: 1st PAU 50K Tanay, Rizal (May 2010), 2nd PAU Ilocos Norte 65K + 5K (August 2010), and 4th PAU 50k Tagaytay-Nasugbu, Batangas (November 2010).


  2. Hi there long time no see! Btw I still have your pics during the BDM 102 run, where can I email them kaya? Congrats! – Chito


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