On Rest Mode and Enjoying Summer

I know.  I haven’t run races lately.  Not even a practice run.  Well, after finishing the Bataan Death March 102 Ultramarathon two months ago all I wanted to do is just rest.  And rest for me is savoring sleep and eat what I want. No run and just doing what I love doing, that is, visiting other places this summer.  
Roxas City, Capiz: Seafood Capital of the Philippines
Sta. Monica Church (circa1698) is made of coral stones
Pan-ay Bell, the biggest church bell in Asia was cast at Pan-ay from 70 sacks of coins donated by the townspeople.  It was completed in 1878.  The inspiring inscription when translated reads: “I am God’s voice which shall echo praise from one end of the town of Pan-ay to the other, so that Christ\’s faithful followers may enter this house of God to receive heavenly graces.\”
Guimaras Island: A Visit to Trappist Abbey, Guisi (Nueva Valencia) Light House and Guisi Beach
In this place, one can truly hear the sound of silence.
Guimaras Island is just 12 minutes away by pump boat from Iloilo City.  From the wharf of Municipality of Jordan, the road starts with a four-kilometer uphill course.  Its main highway is so inviting for a practice run or long run. Just too bad I didn’t have much time to even do a run. 
The old light house located at Guisi, Nueva Valencia
Guisi Beach Resort

Calamba, Laguna: Birthplace of Our National Hero, Jose Rizal

With my niece Kating

Intramuros-Fort Santiago, Manila

Just one of those entrances/exits in Intramuros, Manila
I did run.  Once.  But seeing three stray dogs barking along the road in Roxas City, I had no recourse but do a quick U-turn.  And there’s work.  Yes, just plain busy this past month.  But in time I’ll go back to training and may be joining a race next month.  I just need to shed a few pounds though.  This will be a lot of hard work, especially, in the core area.  Oh well, that’s the price one has to pay when one gets lazy.  
See you at the starting line soon!

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