Reaching Tagaytay on Foot

At the starting line, L-R: Doc T and Gab (both BDMers), Edwin aka Hawkeyeball, Running Diva, Pao aka Endangered, Joy, and Joey

Five years ago, while doing my usual early morning run around Rockwell area, a runner approached and once told me that he ran all the way from Manila to Silang, Cavite.

Being a newbie or a fun runner back then, it seemed to be unbelievable. In fact, I thought he was just trying to impress me or pulling my leg.

Today, now that I’m into ultra distance running, I realized that what he said proved to be possible!

After the Tanay long slow distance (LSD) the previous Sunday, I joined another LSD cooked by Team Boring. We started to run at around past 4AM from Silang-Dasmariñas area, which was a good 35-kilometer run to Alfonso, Cavite.

It wasn’t easy for someone who’s not used to running in dark areas. The headlights and the blinkers brought by fellow runners served as the only lighting while we were slowly traversing some of the highway’s dark paths plus being extra careful not to be sideswiped by approaching fast vehicles or bitten by stray dogs.

The course is mostly long and gradual uphill climb. With my training program in mind, I aimed to finish only a two-hour slow run regardless of distance covered. However, I ended up finishing 25 kilometers instead, up to Rotonda in Tagaytay, running it in more than three hours.

Who would have thought that one could reach the Pink Sisters Chapel in Tagaytay on foot? I just shook my head in utter disbelief.

Pink Sisters Chapel in Tagaytay

(L-R Front: Doc T, Prince Joseph, Running Diva, Joy, Pao, and Joey; L-R Back: Jet, McCoy, Gab, and Edwin)

The remaining runners, some of whom were Bataan Death March (BDM) 102KM finishers or BDMers as they are fondly called, while the others were simply certified distance addicts, opted to reach Alfonso area and finishing the 35-kilometer long run.

As for me, I had fun in this long run and was happy to have reached Tagaytay accompanied by nice, funny, and great people.

A million thanks to Gab and his relatives in Alfonso for their hospitality and the breakfast they prepared for the group. It was indeed admirable to know that in their excitement to have us in their home, they did not sleep the night before and waited for our arrival instead. A double whoooah!

Many, many thanks to our support vehicle driver who woke up early just to be with the group and who patiently waited for us as we slowly run along the highway. He (the driver) later told me, “I’m amazed to see all of you not tired, having fun, and not minding the distance and the weather at all.”

Super thanks to Doc Topher aka Doc T and Jet aka Jetaime for the photos.

Great thanks to Team Boring members and fellow runners for this nice long run. Running with you was no BO[A]Ring experience at all. Till next time!

From Silang-Dasmariñas to Alfonso, Cavite
15 Aug. 2010

Photos courtesy of Jet aka Jetaime and Doc Topher aka Doc T

6 thoughts on “Reaching Tagaytay on Foot

  1. You are pretty much welcome to join Team Boring's long run Sprinting Swine and probably meet The Flying Boar. Will write soon why they named themselves Team Boring. 😉 BTW, thanks for dropping by.


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