Running and Blogging Connection

If you were fond of watching movies in any of the Ayala Malls, you would see this video ad on Ovi users featuring bloggers. One of them is Anton Diaz, a fellow runner and blogger, who owns Our Awesome Planet blog.

I met Anton three years ago during the Mommy Milkshake run at the Fort. Jaymie, the Bull Runner, introduced him to Happy Feet runners. I also learned that he finished his first 42-kilometer run at a Milo Marathon race at that time. Awesome, indeed!

The second time I saw Anton was during a fund raising run for Ariel (see photo below) which started and ended at Villamor Air Base. Then, last year, I had the chance to run with him again during the Timex Run.

Back to my story.

Rachel a.k.a. Eichbar who might be planning to conquer that (I quote Morgan) “freaking 42 kilometers!” attended The Bull Runner’s bull session on marathon running and took a picture of Anton Diaz while he was mentioning those first few bloggers he met when he started running. I was one of those bloggers. Thanks, Anton!

L~R (Screen): Jaymie The Bull Runner, Running Diva, speedy G. \”Totoy\” Santos, Ben Chan of Photovendo Photographer on the Run, and Anton Diaz Our Awesome Planet (Photo Courtesy of Rachel)

Eo M., on the other hand, said I was “extra” in Anton’s post. Find out why by visiting Our Awesome Planet blog.

Yes, back then, there were just a few of us. I linked mostly with Happy Feet bloggers. Then, running became popular in the metro and this site started to receive some comments from people I haven’t even met in person.

I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that, “wow, time flies so fast … I never knew what blogging could do and where it would bring me as a runner.” It dawned on me, finally, at last year’s QCIM carbo-loading party when strangers approached me to have a photo taken with them because they recognized me thru my blog. I felt humbled by that experience.

This blog, not so popular and rarely visited, is my outlet after running races and LSD (long slow distance). In fact, I called it a “lurking blog.” For quite sometime, I included this blog in a site ranking the country’s top blogs in the sports category but I decided to put a stop to it. After all, my goals when I started blogging are either to share my running experiences and develop or improve my writing skills and not be stressed with rankings or get freebies for bloggers.

And if along the way, some surfers may come across this site or you\’ll find this, I thank you for dropping by.

14 thoughts on “Running and Blogging Connection

  1. Hey RD! Thanks for mentioning moi. Yup, it is nice to look back, makes you realize that you are moving forward.That's a good one, \”lurking blog\”. Hmm, that got me thinking, should I start one?? (Think think..)


  2. I agree, Jinoe with what you've said, \”our passion [in running] never changed. But sometimes it makes me wonder if that's the same passion that motivates other runners to run. Like what Running Shield said, \”some are just gaya-gaya puto maya, but in the end, matira ang tunay at matibay.\” Let's toast to that!


  3. yes RD, its 42 FREAKING KMS!If I may add. Running are for crazy but passionate people. But sometimes that little craziness and unquenchable passion makes life worth living. morgan


  4. \”Lurking blog\”–yet you have tons of fans?! I wonder if you weren't \”lurking.\” hehe :DIt's quite nice to have an outlet for whatever thoughts you may have especially after your run. We may not always have someone physically to listen to us but putting it online–there's a huge probability that someone in the world is listening.


  5. Ey, that's a great thought Morgan … \”that little craziness and unquenchable passion makes life worth living,\” (which means running is more than racing, it's a life changing activity).


  6. hi RD. i'm back to reading running blogs. hehe. i like reading your blog because it is very insightful. hindi pala dapat extra ang sinabi ko but dapat with the special participation of roselle. 🙂 kitakits sa kalye.eo


  7. Hello, hello Master Eo! Super duper thanks that for saying you love reading my posts. Hahaha, alright, see you on the road! Will be back training soon. Been lazy after Condura, my bad! 😉


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