Time is Running for Recovery Run

Running a marathon can really drain one’s energy. That is, if it’s your first. Well, you don’t have to agree with me.

There are those who are just too blessed with strength to run back to back marathons unscathed. I finished the full marathon injury free and I wanted it that way.

L-R: Anton, owner of Awesome Planet blog, RJ, Mykol (partly hidden), yours truly, and Neil (Photo Courtesy of Photovendo)

I had to convince Coach John that I would be allowed to run for Timex race. I knew why he was hesitant. Fresh from finishing a full marathon the previous Sunday, running in another race might proved too much for me. But a race with a Runrio mark shouldn’t be missed. Besides, I also promised Coach Rio that I would support it. He was, in the first place, the one who told me to register. Coach John, finally, relented on a condition that I would run it at jogging pace. I agreed.

It was so timely to know that Mike a.k.a. Mykol, a good friend of mine from Takbo.ph running group, would be running his first half-marathon. A few months back, I paced with Mykol in a 5k fun run and he did well. Again, I had the chance to run with him, together with his half-marathon running buddies, RJ a.k.a. x59 and Neil a.k.a. Crashburn.

Running along Bayani Road (Photo Courtesy of Carina a.k.a. Flying Boar)

Most often, in races where I ran so fast, I didn’t have time to talk with fellow runners. Either, I would just raise my hand or nod my head to acknowledge their greetings. But this time, it was different. I had fun time running the course! I was chatty the whole time, even said “hi” to friends, and would even sing or chant while running. Indeed, it was a good recovery run for me.

Mykol finished his first half-marathon strongly. And I was glad he did it! Please drop by at Channel Mykol for a full recap of his first half-marathon experience. Discover why he deserved to be congratulated.

Reaching the finish line together (Photo Courtesy of Carina)

Indeed, time is running, not only to race nor to recover well but also a time well spent with friends.

Another race to remember. I take my hats off to Coach Rio!

8 thoughts on “Time is Running for Recovery Run

  1. Selle, isn't it nice to know a lot of people know you when we pass/meet them? Hahaha! And at the same time we had 21kms of chatting.Nice running at a very relaxed pace.


  2. Neil, I was surprised, too, especially, with that lady from the 10k pack who shouted my moniker. It turned to be Tere/Teray a.k.a. El Capitana. Yep, 21km of chatting but the last 3km almost drained our energy, hahaha.


  3. Mykol, no problemo, my friend. I just couldn't forget when you and RJ stopped at your support station along Rizal Drive, hahaha. Anyway, congrats uli Sir Mykol! Don't retire from 21km (kung kaya naman) but carry on … πŸ˜‰


  4. hi RD; I remember reading 1 of your blog that you cannot talk while running :)concentration & giving it all during the run:) this time chat time with fellow runner ! astig !congrats! & it was fun ! the timex run πŸ™‚ your recovery run πŸ™‚ balita ko my new toy ka daw ? hahaha musta ang garmin ??? πŸ™‚ Marky_mark


  5. Marky_mark, yes, you are right. I couldn't talk while I race but during the Timex run, I ran at an easy pace so talking was possible. πŸ˜‰ I still have yet to break in my Garmin. πŸ˜€


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